The National School of RV Park and Campground Management is an intensive program designed to equip prospective and current owners and managers with the tools they need to improve or develop a thriving campground business. The program is offered over two, one-week sessions that students can enroll in at one or both of the school’s campuses – the Eastern campus and Western campus.

The Eastern campus is located in Wheeling, West Virginia and hosts the program in February; the Western campus is located in Denver, Colorado and hosts the program in July. Both campuses follow the same educational curriculum and promote networking and personal interaction with instructors and students. Having two National School of RV Park and Campground Management campuses offers students more opportunities for educational enrichment that work best with their schedules and/or travel budgets. See the full list of classes taught during each session.


What Past Graduates Say:

"When I first attended the school, I was still in the process of building the campground and I had no experience as to how to run it. When I finished my first year, I felt confident and ready."
- Robin Makowski, Owner/Operator Sparrow Pond Family Campground & Recreation Center

Executive Workshop
This workshop will be specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Over the years, you have demonstrated your desire to continue to learn and thus grow both personally and professionally. This is a great opportunity for you to work with your peers and school instructors to take your knowledge to the next level. Whether you need help in planning a project, need additional knowledge to ensure your success in a particular area, or need support and motivation to accomplish something specific, this workshop is where you need to be. In addition, you will be able to use your efforts at the workshop to help you earn your Outdoor Hospitality Executive (OHE) Certificate. Limited to first 12 Enrollees.

Students can also obtain their Outdoor Hospitality Management and Professional Certificates in conjunction with attending the school. Learn more about the requirements needed for the Outdoor Hospitality Certificate program.

By enrolling in the Fast Track program and the School at the same time, students can earn their Management Certificate while at the school. In addition, upon completion of their Management Certificate they will automatically be enrolled in the Professional Certificate program at no additional charge. The Professional Certificate learning occurs during the 2nd Week of the school.

Eastern Campus

Wheeling, WV
February 20-24, 2017

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Western Campus

Denver, CO
July 10-14, 2017

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