Stronger Together: ARVC Announces Emergency Webinars Featuring Industry Experts

Twice Weekly Webinars to Get Your Questions Answered Part of Larger ARVC Response

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) announces a series of interactive webinars focused on helping RV park and campground owners and operators deal with the current health emergency. The series will provide resources, tools and strategies from experts to safely and effectively manage a campground through this situation.

The webinars will take place every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m. ET, beginning this Thursday, March 19 with “Planning and Marketing During an Emergency.” The webinar series is open to everyone in the industry and registration is free. To register, visit

The expert panel for Thursday’s webinar will feature an emergency planning presentation by Patrick Hardy, who is a Certified Emergency Manager®, Certified Risk Manager® and a FEMA Master of Exercise Practitioner®. Hardy is CEO of Hytropy. The webinar will also feature a marketing presentation by one of the industry’s leading marketing professionals Brian Searl, CEO of Insider Perks. During the second half of the webinar, Mark Koep, CEO of, also a marketing expert, will join the panel and the floor will be open to participants to ask questions and get answers from all three of our expert panelists.

Future webinars, called “Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions”, will feature a broader panel of experts in topics including insurance, advocacy and supply procurement, in addition to our emergency preparedness and marketing experts. The format of each webinar will be open forum to allow participants to ask questions and get answers to help them best navigate the current situation.

“During this unprecedented situation affecting everyone across the world, the speed that information has been changing and spreading is a constant challenge,” says Paul Bambei, president and CEO of ARVC. “In order to provide the best guidance and solutions, we want to open the communications window to everyone in the industry and connect them with experts to help our industry stay strong together in the face of this challenge. ARVC is looking out for all members of the industry and making sure anything we distribute is correct, useful and worth their time and energy. These webinars are just one of the many ways we will be working to transparently promote, advocate and protect the industry.”

The webinars are part of an ongoing strategy designed by ARVC to help protect the campground industry during this crisis and to create a shared learning environment to help promote a strong and united outdoor hospitality industry.

ARVC is currently engaged in a number of efforts to assist the industry, all of which can be viewed on our blog, Coronavirus: What You Can Do to Protect Your Park. The blog, which is updated daily, provides the latest information, links to all webinars and educational information, advocacy updates, resources and more.

All webinars will be recorded and available for free by visiting ARVC’s blog Coronavirus: What You Can Do to Protect Your Park.

Schedule of Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, March 19 @ 11am ET — Planning and Marketing During an Emergency

Monday, March 23 @ 11 am ET — Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions

Thursday, March 26 @ 11am ET — Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions

Monday, March 30 @ 11am ET — Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions

Thursday, April 2 @ 11am ET — Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions

**ARVC will re-evaluate the situation and schedule webinars beyond April 2 as needed.

About the Webinars:

The webinar this Thursday (March 19) at 11am ET, will focus on planning and marketing during an emergency. Patrick Hardy will be presenting on emergency planning and will provide resources/templates for use by those that participate. Hardy, is the owner of Hytropy which promises to help companies prepare for, respond to, and learn from, a disaster.

Brian Searl, an industry veteran in marketing, will be talking about tips for marketing your park during an emergency. This will include sharing tools, resources and strategies for effectively opening multiple lines of communication with guests as well as for ensuring that marketing efforts continue to function as flawlessly as possible during these times. Searl will also cover social media strategies, business listings, communications, dealing with media and public relations, responding to reviews, ways to save time and avoid being overwhelmed, being prepared for what guests are asking, reporting/data and more.

“ARVC’s goal is to ensure that the negative impact on campgrounds is as minimal as possible,” says Searl. “Participants in this first webinar will learn social media strategies and marketing efforts that can be used to provide transparency as well as excellent customer service during times of crisis. We'll also share advice on avoiding misinformation as well as maintaining consistent communication with guests.”

Upcoming expert panelists will include Chris Hipple (Leavitt Insurance) and Irene Jones (Marshall and Sterling Insurance) focusing on insurance questions; Jeff Sims (ARVC) focusing on advocacy questions; and more. As this is a fluid situation, a more detailed schedule of panelists will be disseminated as more information is gathered about this situation.