The ARVC NFPA 1194® Completion Certificate Course Now Available Online

The ARVC NFPA 1194® Completion Certificate Course Now Available Online to enable learners to complete the course on their own schedule.

The NFPA 1194 Completion Certificate program is designed to ensure that park owners and operators have in-depth knowledge of the current standards for the design and construction of RV parks and campgrounds as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The course also examines the elements of the NFPA 1194 standard that cover public safety, electrical, facilities, fire protection and water and sanitation.

Now, for the first time, the course is available in an online format to enable learners to complete the course on their own schedule and at their own pace at any time. The NFPA 1194 Completion Certificate course was previously offered only in person each year at the Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (OHCE) in November.

The online course features interactive videos and activities to enhance the learning experience beyond simply reading a standards book. It is designed to provide campground owners with confidence in applying the standards to their park and understanding how to use them when they are having conversations with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) such as zoning boards and health inspectors. Becoming familiar with the standard and knowing how to use it can provide campground owners with a roadmap to success and help them minimize costly mistakes when designing or modifying existing facilities.

“The NFPA 1194 certificate completion class has been one of the most popular continuing education units (CEUs) offered by ARVC,” says Jeff Sims, ARVC’s senior director of state relations and program advocacy. “Educating themselves on the standard will better enable campground owners to educate their AHJs to resolve issues and achieve better solutions. By following the NFPA standard, they can show they did their due diligence and built their park to nationally-recognized consensus standards.”

Jon Burek, executive vice president for Leisure Systems, Inc., recently completed the online NFPA 1194 Completion Certificate course. As a former aviation executive, he is new to the outdoor hospitality industry, so he was very interested receiving an introduction to the technical aspects of campground requirements. He says it was easier to complete the course than he expected. It only took him a week or two, working on the modules in the evenings whenever he had time.

“It provides an incredible foundation to prepare you for going out and either building a campground or managing or owning one,” he says.

The online NFPA Completion Certificate course is now available for purchase at for a special introductory rate of $249 for ARVC members through August 31, after which time the course will be offered at the regular members-only rate of $299. The non-member rate is $599.

Watch for additional educational opportunities to be rolled out on the ARVC Online Education Portal at in the coming year.