PURIFYD®SYSTEMS Announced as Newest ARVC Member Benefit Provider

 As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) is announcing a new way for RV parks and campgrounds to restore guest confidence in camping safely.  

ARVC announced today that PURIFYD®SYSTEMS, with its innovative and highly effective disinfectant products, has been added as its newest Member Benefit Provider (MBP), providing exclusive discounted prices to ARVC members on both start-up packages and ongoing purchases. 

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS productsthe most effective, three-point total coverage for RV park and campgrounds, safely, easily and effectively eliminates, then manages the built-up contaminants and pathogens that occupy the spaces where guests, family and friends, live, work and stay.   

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS starts with the true formula, that has the highest rated kill rate of 99.99999% that removes all Coronavirus in under a minute and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada.  

A support component delivers product training and certification for campground staff who perform the treatments. Treatment protocols are then required to maintain a consistent and effective treatment barrier. PURIFYD®SYSTEMS has competitive pricing compared to the products on the market today that have lower kill rates and are therefore less effective.  

“The PURIFYD®SYSTEMS team will help our campground owners, operators and managers provide safer, more sanitary accommodations for their guests, which is especially vital during this COVID pandemic,” says ARVC President and CEO Paul Bambei. “We are thrilled to be adding PURIFYD®SYSTEMS as a Member Benefit Provider. These are fantastic products and services and the exclusive ARVC-member discount will help RV park and campground owners and operators ensure guests feel comfortable and safe while camping.” 

Besides providing a safe, effective means for compliance with state and provincial phased-opening requirements, PURIFYD®SYSTEMS also creates potential revenue streams for RV parks and campgrounds by generating new service revenues, such as charging for cleaning RV interiors. 

Our biggest goal is keeping people healthy and safe especially in these challenging times, says Steve Dunn CEO of PURIFYD®SYSTEMS. We are excited to be part of the ARVC Member Benefits Program, enabling ARVC members to offer health protection services and products that protect their guests and staff from a wide array of contaminants and generate new revenues. 

In order to get ARVC members quickly trained and certified to include PURIFYD®SYSTEMS at their RV park or campground, PURIFYD®SYSTEMS will host webinars to answer all questions. These 20-minute webinars will be presented at 11:00 am ET on July 16, July 29, August 5 and August 19 to help onboard members. Click below to register for your preferred webinar:

July 16:

July 29:

August 5

August 19:  

To access the exclusive ARVC discount with PURIFYD®SYSTEMS, visit the ARVC Member Benefit Provider page and click on the PURIFYD®SYSTEMS logo. Login to view more details, view the discounts available and learn how to get started. 

ARVC now has 24 businesses in its MBP program that have commitment to go "above and beyond" to provide ARVC members with special money-saving offers not available anywhere else. If you have questions about the MBP program or any of ARVC’s other membership benefits, contact the ARVC membership team at 303-681-0401 or by email at