A Steady Beat: ARVC Negotiates No Increase in Music License Prices for 2021

ARVC's Industry-Best Music Licensing Rates Offer Revenue Opportunities and Protection for ARVC Members

Music is a vital part of the modern RV park and campground experiencewith singalongs around the campfireDJs spinning songs poolside, karaoke nights and more, that create happy campers and drive additional revenue.   

This couldn't be more important as Americans visit RV parks and campgrounds in the COVID-age of camping. Knowing that, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) set out to find a way to help make it easy, affordable and legal for parks to play music during the 2021 season. 

Following successful negotiations with the performing rights organizations (PROs)—ASCAP, BMI and SESAC)ARVC has announced it will be able to keep rates steady for its members enrolled in the 2021 ARVC Combined Music License Program, which offers the best prices and protection in the industry. 

The open enrollment period for the 2021 ARVC Combined Music Licensing Program is August 1 to December 4, 2020. 

“It has been a challenging year across the board, so we fought to pass on as much savings as possible to our members,” says Paul Bambei. “Keeping music licensing rates the same into 2021 does just that, allowing parks to be able to best afford this necessary license to help them create profitable experiences at their parks. We already made sure we offered the best prices and protection in the industry, with significant savings on what is offered at standard prices, but we are thrilled that we are able to work with the PROs to keep rates steady in 2021.” 

ARVC members already save 25-50% on the annual licensing rate for ASCAP and BMI, and 20% on the annual licensing rate for SESACsavings that can offset all or most of the cost of an ARVC membership. 

“The savings that we have experienced with the ARVC Combined Music Licensing Program hands down cover the cost of our dues to ARVC,” says Michelle Wilcox, of ARVC member-park Gateway Park Campground in Hillsdale, Mich. 

The ARVC Combined Music License allows a park to play copyrighted music in public at park—whether pre-recorded from speakers by the pool, on the radio at registration or live at karaoke. The protection of a license is valuable because PROs initiate random checks nationwide and parks caught playing music without a proper music licenses may be subject to copyright fines that can reach as high as $150,000 per violation 

“Getting an ARVC Combined Music License was a smart decision for us,” says Mari Garland, owner of ARVC member-park Junction West RV Park in Grand Junction, Colo. “Now, we can play all kinds of music in the office and at our events and we don’t ever have to worry about incurring fines for copyright violations.” 

Not only is a park protected with an ARVC Music License, but it also can generate revenue from musical events like concerts, parties or celebrations. 

“Comparing the cost of a license against the cost of a fine, it’s easy to see the value, but it’s even easier to see the opportunity when you compare the cost of the license to the revenue that can be made from ancillary events,” says David Basler, ARVC’s vice president of membership and marketing.  “The average ARVC member-park (175 sites) pays a discounted rate of just $546 a year for their music licenses but when you compare that to the thousands-of-dollars annually those same park owners across the country are making on ancillary events that involve music — the benefits far outweigh the cost.” 

ARVC has exclusive agreements with three leading music PROsASCAP, BMI and SESACto provide members with the best prices in the industry. The ARVC Combined Music License covers ASCAP and BMI, which represent 95% of the worldwide portfolio of music. ARVC has also contracted with SESAC, the only privately-held PRO of the three. In all cases, ARVC has negotiated substantial discounts off the normal PRO rate card, but perhaps more importantly, by licensing through ARVC, an owner’s park will be protected from any contact or harassment from a PRO for the entire calendar year that the owner is licensed. 

“Music makes everything better, as so many of our memories are tied to songs and camping is no different,” says Basler. “Purchasing an ARVC Combined Music License makes it simple, easy and affordable. 

The open enrollment period for a 2021 ARVC Combined Music License runs from August 1-December 4, 2020. Parks that are currently enrolled in the ARVC Combined Music Licensing program for 2020 received renewal instruction via email on August 3 and can pay renewal invoices through the ARVC member portal at arvc.org.  

ARVC members without music licensees can learn more and enroll at arvc.org/music 

Parks interested in ARVC membership and benefiting from the exclusive ARVC Combined Music Licensing Program can contact the ARVC Membership Department at membership@arvc.org or visit arvc.org to learn more.