SPONSORED BLOG: Discovering Opportunity ... in the Midst of COVID Chaos!

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS delivers the required Effectiveness, Reliability and ROI that you need in your sanitization to protect your campers and create new opportunities

There is no doubt that change is the only constant in our lives, and this is certainly true for the public health climate in which we now find ourselves – a state of ‘managed chaos’. Yet out of that chaos has come opportunity for our industry. With ongoing restrictions to international tourism, travelers have made the switch to “staycation” and the result has been a banner season for RV sales and campground bookings.

The constant media focus on COVID numbers and patterns has resulted in staff and customers who are hyper-aware of the safety of interior live, work and travel environments. Until recently that was mostly confined to proximity to other people and surfaces. With the recent W.H.O. acknowledgement that the COVID virus can spread through aerosolization (hanging in indoor air for extended periods of time) concern has extended to interior air quality and air handling systems. And with flu season just around the corner, the CDC is warning of a possible “twindemic”.

This new awareness is not limited to just COVID. Concern is also building with regards to the health risks of toxic mold build-up inside of RVs, driven again by increased media coverage of class action lawsuits. The cost of ignoring this risk, can be extreme both to your staff or customer’s health and to the bottom line, as both lawsuits and settlements are on the rise. 

This ‘new normal’ has created an opportunity for innovative RV park and campground owners to enhance their customers’ onsite experience and generate new revenue, with products and services that eliminate contaminants and address consumer confidence. For this to be sustainable for your business, these products and services must be effective, reliable and generate an ROI. 

Following are a set of simple benchmarks you can use to qualify products that accomplish that. 

Effectiveness: To truly be effective, sanitization products must have breadth and depth. 

  • Breadth: The product eliminates a wide array of contaminants – viruses, bacteria, molds, mold spores, allergens and even chemicals. This removes having to know what contaminants are present and vastly simplifies the sanitization process. 
  • Depth: The product eliminates contaminants very effectively, not just on surfaces but also in air handling systems and the interior living environment. Interior Air Quality is just as important as sanitized surfaces, even more so when dealing with molds and mold spores. A product that has 99.9% effectiveness sounds good however that 0.1% of contaminants that is missed can result in a re-population to pre-treatment levels in days, as shown in the graph below. 

Reliability: Reliability means that there is an effective product combined with a robust system that assures you can consistently achieve high quality results, on cost target and can demonstrate those results for staff, customers, and health authorities. Absent such a system, you are simply hoping for the best. 

ROI: As with any investment, you need to see sustainability of service. Increased employee and driver wellbeing, including reduced sick time, leads to stronger continuity of service and that generates a real ROI for your business. 

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS delivers the required Effectiveness, Reliability and ROI. As a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS Certified Service Provider, your team is trained and certified by us to industry and application best practices. That gives you the capability and confidence to offer an innovative health protection service that reliably eliminates contaminants of any kind, any size, anywhere ... with 99.99999% effectiveness. The System is completely safe for people, pets, all surfaces and food handling areas! 

Look for us at the 2020 Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo! Make an appointment today with one of our representatives. Learn more about PURIFYD®SYSTEMS and how to take advantage of your ARVC Member Benefit Provider discount here: ARVC Member Benefit Provider.


PURIFYD®SYSTEMS delivers innovative health protection systems that eradicate the environmental and biological health threats that continually build up inside the spaces in which we live, work and travel. Our Certified Service Providers deliver best in class decontamination services for, RV’s, campgrounds, automobiles fleets, yachts, and facilities in Canada and the US.

We are the ARVC Member Benefit Provider for customer health protection systems and we are here to help you transition out of chaos and into opportunity.