Are You Doing Everything You Can To Promote Your Park’s Brand?

Your campground and RV park's brand is important, make sure you know what your brand says about your business

Every RV park and campground has a brand. What’s yours? Are you family-friendly or focused exclusively on guests who are 55 and over? Or maybe your park specializes in outdoor adventures or is the ideal spot for those who want to escape and unplug. Whatever your brand identity is, the more you promote it on your website and through social media, the more successful you’ll be at attracting your target audience.

It’s important for all of your park employees to clearly understand your brand so they can effectively communicate it to your guests. That’s why brand management is one of the five core competencies covered in ARVC’s two industry-specific certificate programs: the Outdoor Hospitality Management (OHM) and Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) programs offered at the National School of RV Park and Campground Management. A third certificate program, the Outdoor Hospitality Generalist (OHG), an online program designed for park employees, is now under development. Watch for future updates!

The brand management portions of the certificate programs are specifically designed for the stage that the learners are currently at in their careers, meaning a manager is going to focus on ensuring all communications and interactions meet brand standards, whereas an owner will focus on determining what the brand identity is and approving brand standards that support that identity. For those at the employee level or who are a new manager, the classes will help identify the various ways a park’s brand reaches potential guests and leaves a lasting impact. The importance of guests’ first impressions of the park will also be emphasized.

Additionally, learners enrolled in the OHM and OHP certificate programs will:

  • Study examples of elements from established brands and why they led to success or failure as a way to connect the concepts to real-life branding decisions.
  • Identify their role in the development or management of a well-designed website.
  • Discuss the importance of “controlling their park’s message” online.
  • Learn how to maintain positive relationships with media outlets.

Learners working toward their OHM Certificate will also discuss the role they can play in crisis management planning for their park.

In addition to the topics outlined above, learners pursuing their OHP Certificate will learn about the requirements for a basic marketing plan and the factors to consider when choosing a website host and and/or website designer. As part of their class assignments, they will identify prominent social media outlets and determine which ones are most appropriate for their business. They will learn how to develop a well-constructed crisis management plan and the training needed to implement it. Learners will also learn how to identify the right media outlets for their business.

Certificate program attendees also develop valuable skills in professionalism and leadership, human resource management, business management and practices and site and facility management. Ready to learn more? Visit for information about ARVC’s industry-specific education and what a difference it can make in the successful management of your campground.