Does Your Team Project The Right Qualities?

ARVC's Outdoor Hospitality Educational Program (OHEP) will discuss professionalism/leadership in campground employees & managers as part of their certificate

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of having your park’s managers and employees project the qualities of professionalism and leadership to help make your park as successful as it can be. That’s why these qualities are among the core competencies covered in ARVC’s two industry-specific certificate programs: the Outdoor Hospitality Management (OHM) and Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) programs offered at the National School of RV Park and Campground Management.

The professionalism and leadership components of these two certificate programs also focus on communication styles and other interpersonal skills that impact every member of your team as well as the daily functioning of your business.

Professionalism and leadership will also be covered in a third certificate program, the Outdoor Hospitality Generalist (OHG), an online program for park employees that is now being developed.

Like all components of the certificate programs, the professionalism and leadership portions are specifically designed for the stage that the learners are currently at in their careers, which means each group will examine the topics covered from different levels and from different decision-making perspectives:

Employees will examine different types of leadership and communications and learn to identify their personal styles in these areas. They will also learn to identify cultural differences that may impact your business and the ways their biases can impact the employee and guest experience. Plus, they will learn how to assess their strengths and weaknesses in performing their duties and when to seek coaching.

In addition to learning about different types of leadership and communication styles and how cultural differences may impact their business, owners and managers will learn to identify the key components of effective employee training for cultural awareness. They will also learn how to identify obstacles as they pertain to the management of time and priorities and how to develop an individualized plan for assuming responsibility and delegating.

Certificate program participants also develop valuable skills in brand management, human resource management, business management and practices and site and facility management. Ready to learn more? Visit for information about ARVC’s industry-specific education and what a difference it can make in the successful management of your campground.