KOA President And CEO Toby O’Rourke To Present Industry Trends And Insights At OHCE2019

KOA President And CEO Toby O’Rourke To Present Industry Trends And Insights At ARVC’s 2019 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo (OHCE)

(DENVER) The outdoor hospitality industry is growing, and with that growth comes plenty of change. The demographics are getting younger and more diverse, technology is advancing rapidly and camping habits are shifting. Park owners need to be prepared to pivot and adjust to reap the rewards that come with a fresh crop of campers in search of new experiences.

To expand on this topic, Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), will present the first ever Trends and Insights session on November 6 at the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds’ (ARVC) 2019 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo (OHCE) in Knoxville, Tenn.

Campground owners and operators will take away a better understanding of the camper of today and tomorrow, based on recent findings from KOA’s 2019 North America Camping Report. Coupled with a new data set being released this fall, this session will focus on current trends in travel and camping that are impacting the camping business and will look ahead at how technology advancements may impact campgrounds in the future.

“Camping is growing in popularity because it directly addresses the needs of today’s family in providing ways for connection to each other and the outdoors,” says O’Rourke. “Families are increasingly busy and overextended, and camping provides a chance for relaxation, stress relief and much needed time outside. This session will underscore the importance of our business in today’s world and how campgrounds can best meet the needs of today’s campers as well as prepare for what they may need in the future.”

O’Rourke’s marketing and finance acumen and her focus on data have been vital to KOA’s growth since she joined the company in 2012, propelling her to KOA president in 2018, before adding the CEO role in March of this year.

“KOA is a strong partner of ARVC’s and the outdoor hospitality industry and Toby is perfectly positioned to help guide campground owners on how they will be impacted by upcoming trends. We are thrilled she will be sharing her expertise at OHCE 2019,” says Paul Bambei, ARVC President and CEO. “Toby oversees the world’s largest franchise of private campgrounds and is a thought leader in the outdoor hospitality industry. The KOA report not only shows the growth of the industry and changing attitudes of campers, but Toby knows how to articulate these trends in meaningful, easy to understand ways.”

OHCE is a four-day event from Nov. 4-7 in Knoxville, Tenn. including more than 40 educational seminars, a trade show with more than 120 vendors, tours of local campgrounds, a CPR/disaster preparedness class and ARVC’s Awards of Excellence program.

For more information about OHCE or to register, visit arvc.org/OHCE.