Staying Ahead of What Happens "Behind the Desk" at Your Campground

Ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully with education in campground business management with the Outdoor Hospitality Educational Program (OHEP)

There are so many important tasks like ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage, addressing your bookkeeping needs and managing your reservation system that happen “behind the desk” at your campground. And even though these activities aren’t often visible to your guests, they’re essential to running a successful business.

That’s why business management and practices are thoroughly covered in ARVC’s two industry-specific certificate programs: the Outdoor Hospitality Management (OHM) and Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) programs offered at the National School of RV Park and Campground Management.

Business management and practices will also be covered in a third certificate program, the Outdoor Hospitality Generalist (OHG), an online program for park employees that is now being developed.

Like all components of the certificate programs, the business management and practices portions are specifically designed for the stage that the learners are currently at in their careers, which means each group will examine good business practices from different levels and from different decision-making perspectives.

Employees will discover how having confidence in the park’s systems can positively impact the guest experience. From the proper handling of cash to helping ensure ADA and OSHA compliance, employees serve as the “front lines” to guests and a strong employee is one who understands how each of these components plays a vital, behind-the-scenes role in keeping guests comfortable and happy.

Managers, who carry more responsibility than their employees, will discuss how implementing and maintaining standards and procedures for daily activities can help employees be successful in their interactions with guests. Topics covered include: How should cash management be handled? What are the steps for opening and closing the camp store? What are the steps to follow when doing a grounds walk-through? Having checklists to follow when performing these essential tasks will help the team address needs and risks before they become potential problems. But, for managers, there is much more to consider. They have to think beyond daily tasks and focus on planning and preparation for the future. The business management topics will also focus on budget prep, tools and programs to help build the business and much more.

Finally, owners will discuss topics that are of utmost importance to them. They are the ultimate decision makers and need to be prepared to make hard decisions about the future of the business and what is going to lead to success. Owners will begin to identify the elements to consider when looking for a successful reservations system for their park. They will also discuss insurance needs, how to design and build with ADA and OSHA standards in mind and so much more. At the end of the day, if it requires a “signature on the dotted line,” the owner needs to be prepared to make the decision about what is best for their park. The business management courses will identify some of the key areas in which owners play a decision-making role and how those very decisions impact not only the bottom line, but also the managers, employees and guests.

Certificate program participants also develop valuable skills in brand management, professionalism and leadership, human resources and site and facility management. Ready to learn more? Visit for information about ARVC’s industry-specific education and what a difference it can make in the successful management of your campground.