2020 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo

November 02 - November 05, 2020

The 2020 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo is going virtual! 

We can’t wait to share more details soon and for you to come along with us on this epic adventure. We will continue to announce more details on the event. Get ready and we’ll see you at OHCE2020, November 2-5. This year’s location is up to you! 





[8/28] Learn more about the virtual event with ARVC's Webinar Series


[8/10] Interested in speaking? Submit your proposal here. 


[8/7] ARVC Q&A: How to Attend OHCE for Free? And What is a Hosted Buyer Program. Learn more here. 


[7/26] Keynote speaker announced!
Learn more about Gretchen Rubin, our OHCE2020 Keynote Speaker here.


ARVC Announces Exciting New Opportunity to Attend OHCE2020 for Free
Qualified Attendess Can Apply to Become Hosted Buyers and Have Registration Reimbursed



[7/20] ARVC Announces Registration for Virtual OHCE Opens July 21 with Option to Attend for Free
This Year's Virtual Event to Include Hosted Buyer Tradeshow Option


[6/1] Want to get a feel for the type of educational opportunities offered? Check out last year’s program here! 





What is a Hosted Buyer Program? 
A hosted buyer program is an event that brings qualified buyers (decision makers) and sellers together with a high likelihood to book real business with each other through pre-arranged face-to-face meetings. 

How will ARVC’s Hosted Buyer Program work? 
Once you register and pay for OHCE2020, you will be asked if you would like to apply to be a Hosted Buyer. The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, the ARVC team will complete a rigorous qualification process of each application to ensure the applicant is the/a decision maker for the campground.  

What is in the Hosted Buyer application? 
You will be asked for the following: 1) basic contact information; 2) details about your campground and your role as a decision maker; 3) details about your annual expense budget; 4) which products/services you plan on purchasing in the next year; and 5) a review of purchases you've made in the past year. 

After I apply to be a Hosted Buyer at OHCE2020, when will I be notified if my application has been accepted? 
All applications will be reviewed and qualified and all applicants will be notified regarding acceptance into the program no later than one (1) week after an application is submitted. 

Am I automatically accepted as a Hosted Buyer just by submitting an application? 
No. Submitting an application DOES NOT mean you are automatically accepted as a Hosted Buyer. Your application will be rigorously reviewed to qualify you as a decision maker at your campground before you are accepted into the Hosted Buyer Program.  

How many Hosted Buyers will be accepted? 
Initially there will be 200 Hosted Buyers accepted into this year’s program. If there is more demand, we will start a wait list. Based on vendor participation, we will begin pulling from the wait list as soon as possible. 

How is my registration free if I am Hosted Buyer? 
Once you fulfill all your obligations as a Hosted Buyer at OHCE2020, ARVC will refund your $199 registration cost. Refunds will be completed within two (2) weeks of the close of OHCE2020. 

What are Hosted Buyers obligated to do at OHCE2020? 
In order to fulfill your obligation, each Hosted Buyer must attend a minimum of five (5) pre-scheduled meetings with participating vendors at the OHCE2020 virtual tradeshow. The number of required meetings may increase based on demand. ARVC will inform Hosted Buyers of the final required number of meetings on or before October 15, 2020 when scheduling of meetings will begin. 

What happens to my registration fee if I don’t fulfill my obligations as a Hosted Buyer? 
If you do not attend the required number of pre-scheduled meetings, ARVC reserves the right to withhold your refund of the $199 registration fee. 

How many Hosted Buyers can there be from each campground? 
Each campground is limited to one (1) Hosted Buyer accepted into the program. 

How does the Hosted Buyer Program work if I am a vendor? 
Vendors participate by purchasing meetings with Hosted Buyers. Meetings can be purchased ala carte, in bundles or as part of various booth/sponsor packages offered. Vendors will also submit an application, but it is much shorter and the qualification process is less rigorous. Once the vendor has purchased pre-scheduled meetings, they are considered a vendor participant of the Hosted Buyer Program.  

What does it cost to join the Hosted Buyer Program as a vendor? 
Cost varies based on whether meetings are purchased ala carte, in bundles or as part of a booth/sponsor package. Direct all inquiries to Gary Headrick or extension call our office at 303-681-0401.