Weather Cal Service - Protect Your Investment During Severe Weather

Protecting Your Investment During Severe Weather

Summertime means more people are outside, spending time away from home. Don’t let storms be a concern you and your visitors have to worry about. Preparing ahead of time and having multiple ways to receive timely and accurate weather alerts like HazardAlarm from WeatherCallServices,LLC can help you protect your property. Here are the top things to do to help you prepare BEFORE storms arrive.

  1. Know when severe weather is possible for your area

When one is camping, whether in a tent or an RV, it’s important to know what is happening with the weather. You need to know about the standards of temperature, wind, feels-like temperature and if it will be sunny/cloudy/rainy. Staying in tune with weather goes past that, especially when not in a sturdy structure.

As a camper/campground owner, you need to know when severe weather is possible for your area. This not only keeps you safe but allows you to provide an extra layer of customer service by letting your visitors know they need to stay aware.

Weather Cell Services Map

One easy way to check is with the local television station. If a local station has a morning show, tune in and watch for a little while to get the latest forecast. You can also use HazardCall for Campgrounds to get alerts when severe weather in your area. (NOTE: An added bonus of this product is you can also message guests to let them know about severe weather, any closures in the campground, etc – see the picture under number 4 below).

  1. Have multiple RELIABLE ways to receive weather alerts

WeatherCall Services is a firm believer in having MULTIPLE ways to receive weather alerts is important. We use the phrase “Layers Save Lives®" to stress the importance of having different layers of notifications. Our top three layers are: local television stations, NOAA Weather Radios and using HazardCall, the ONLY service that will CALL you to let you know you are in the path of a dangerous storm.

Getting Reliable Weather Alerts

An added layer of information for campgrounds can include our brand new HazardAlarm that tracks lightning and tornado warnings for the location the box is in. It will flash a light and sound a siren to alert people they need to get inside or seek shelter. This is great for fishing piers, swimming pools or playgrounds.

HazardAlarm Installed Near Pool


  1. If you have a storm shelter, let your visitors know where that is

If you are lucky enough to have a storm shelter on property, be sure to let your visitors know. There are many people out there that are frightened by storms and if they know there is a shelter on property, you might be able to help lessen their fears.

Even if you do not have a shelter on site, well-built buildings or caves can act as a location to shelter from the storm. Think about bathrooms that are stone/concrete or office buildings that are built well, like a house.

  1. Want to know more about how we can help your campgrounds?

Our mission at WeatherCall Services, LLC is helping you prepare for severe weather by keeping you informed when you are in the path of severe weather with the only service that CALLS you.

As mentioned above, an added perk of HazardCall for Campgrounds is the capability to message your guests with information that could help them out. Here is a message a property owner recently sent out to their guests:

Ability to Send Non-Weather Alerts: Text on phone screen: I was just informed by the Hinsdale Police Dept. we have a bear wandering the park. They asked all bird feeders taken down

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Weather Cal Service - Protect Your Investment During Severe Weather