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How Do You Bring the Magic of the Holidays to Your Campground?

Looking for a great way to monetize your property during the colder months? BOLD Media's 'Holiday Light Show'(TM) is the answer you've been looking for! BOLD Media, an omni channel media company based in New York, specializes in producing world-class, secular holiday light displays that amaze audiences of all ages each holiday season! Guests are amazed at the quality and quantity of fun holiday displays that we bring to each and every one of our 'Holiday Light Show' (TM) locations! Unlike other shows that get old after the first year, BOLD Media's shows feature an entire lineup of new displays each year to ensure the show never gets stale, and guests can't wait to come back again! Perhaps best of all, our light shows are interactive in that many of the lights actually synchronize to the holiday music broadcast over the car's FM radio!

You wouldn't believe what goes into making a 'Holiday Light Show' successful, but with BOLD Media we make it look easy! In 2021, BOLD Media operated 9 'Holiday Light Show' locations across the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid Atlantic, in 2022 we plan to bring that total to 15 'Holiday Light Show' locations (including yours)! Partnering with BOLD Media gives you access to not only an incredible supply of high-quality holiday displays, but professional media management, custom display support, our logistics team, HR, and more! Guests today can tell the difference between a high-quality show that will have new displays every year versus a small singleton show that only has a small handful of new displays and lacks the brand power of 'Holiday Light Show'!

As a partner of BOLD Media, your campground benefits in a number of ways:

1) You make money during the slower time of year when you would traditionally have few campers or even be closed,

2) We help introduce your property to new visitors who may have otherwise never known about your campground (this is a great way to develop new business for your busier months),

3) We help to keep you top of mind during your off season,

4) We only partner with 1 show location per area meaning that if your property is hosting a 'Holiday Light Show' your competitors cannot, and;

5) BOLD Media makes sure your show is new and exciting each year (which helps to keep guests coming back year after year)!

With the holidays in full-swing, now is the time to establish a new tradition for your campgrounds beginning in 2022 by hosting a BOLD Media 'Holiday Light Show'!

If you believe your property might be a good candidate for a 'Holiday Light Show' location, reach out to us by phone at (508) 538-4234 or complete our information form online at

Currently we have 6 spots available for our 2022 season (and they will fill fast!) so if you're interested in hosting a show, reach out now before another location beats you to the punch!

We look forward to hearing from you, and working together to bring the magic of the holiday's to your campground!


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bold media holiday light show drive through light show