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24/7 Certified RV Tech Support for your Guests

The Wander Care RV Tech Support Help Hotline

Right now, there are more people camping – specifically RVing – than ever before.  The surge of RVers is fantastic for everyone in the RV industry but it has produced its challenges.  The sheer number has proven to be a bit overwhelming for all of the RVing support resources.   As a Campground owner, host, or reservation facilitator you have probably been challenged a bit yourselves to be everywhere for your customers.

With a good portion of the growth of the RV industry being very knew to the lifestyle, many have a great number of questions.  Perhaps, they have their RV dealer or RV manufacturer as someone to call but many find the hours and availability of those resources are usually limited, if they exist at all.  Perhaps, your organization has those resources but can’t always get to everyone.  Nothing beats talking directly to an RV tech support professional. Unfortunately, those are few and far between.

Wander Care’s new RV Help Hotline provides RV tech support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RV Tech Support – 24/7

Do you ever have your guests calling you or your staff because something in their RV isn’t working correctly?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick resource available to get some help…when both you and they really need it? 

Get, or give anytime access to RVIA/RVDA Certified Technicians to help through those challenging times. The Wander Care team is standing by all hours of every day, including holidays!

Virtual repair and diagnosis

Many RV problems can be solved without a service center visit. Do any of these guest RV scenarios sound familiar?

  • RV steps stuck open (or closed).
  • Awning won’t retract.
  • Levelers won’t go up (or come down).
  • Breaker tripped.
  • Generator won’t start or stay running.
  • No A/C shore power

While any of the above could have a mechanical issue that needs to be dealt with (more on that later) there is often a simpler solution that will get you back on the road. The certified professionals at Wander Care can help your guests work through these types of issues while you focus on running the campground.

When something isn’t working correctly, have your guests give Wander Care a call and they will walk them through various troubleshooting steps and provide general guidance on how to correct a situation themselves. If the problem cannot be solved virtually, they’ll help them to find the right resource to take it to the next step.

Mobile Repair Dispatch

When your guests do need RV tech support to come onsite and work on your RV, Wander Care’s mobile repair dispatch service means they won’t be hunting for a technician when things go south. Let Wander Care worry about getting vetted RV techs on their way to your guests.   

In those instances where a qualified mechanic needs to look at and provide the repair work, Wander Care will dispatch the nearest and most qualified RV mobile repair professional. They can also direct your guest to the nearest qualified repair center, should they prefer that over having a mobile mechanic. 

Bear in mind that this is not a roadside assistance program. Any service fees, trip charges, or repair costs will be your responsibility. Wander Care is simply there to connect RVers with a qualified resource as soon as possible.

What is Wander Care?

As we said, Wander Care is not a roadside assistance program. So what is it exactly? Wander Care is a convenient way to get quality answers quickly to RV tech support questions. Rather than taking a beating on social media or watching lengthy YouTube videos that might answer the question, Wander Care provides an instant connection to an RV professional that can help. When remote assistance doesn’t solve the problem, they’ll get a mobile technician on the way to the RVer, or direct them to a service center that can handle their needs.

The Wander Care team consists of RV industry veterans and includes a number of RVIA/RVDA Certified technicians.  Additionally, there are over 6500 mobile mechanics throughout the US and Canada in the Wander Care network to get help when and where it is needed.  

Making it easy

Having Wander Care at people’s fingertips is important. RV problems don’t always occur when it’s convenient.  When a RVer becomes a Wander Care member, they immediately receive an email to download and save a digital membership card directly to their phone. No more searching for papers, plastic cards, or other documents. Just quick, immediate access.

RV tech support for your guests

Wander Products can work with you to provide Wander Care to your guests in any of the following ways:

  • Affiliate Sales Program – allows you to sell on your website, via email communications, and other ways you communicate with your guests.  Our affiliate program provides a turn-key method that can be implemented in one day. 
  • For sale as an additional benefit of your Campground, on a per night basis.
  • Embedded as an additional INCLUDED benefit for those that reserve at your Campground, on a per night basis.

Who is Wander Products

Wander Products, are customer care solutions developed for every adventure lover.  Wander Products are tailor made for RV owners.  Each product and program has been specifically built to provide helpful resources and services to keep families enjoying their RV.

It's difficult to get help when you are On the Road.  We've made it much easier and are with you 24 hours a day.  As a product division of Specialized Dispatch Services, LLC., all of our products are built internally, administered, and all services provided by our team.  Specialized Dispatch Services proudly,  does not outsource any of it’s services and operates 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information you may contact – info@wander-products.com or info@specializeddispatchservices.com

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