ARVC Committees


Members of the Board and/or suitable candidates from the membership at large, representing various geographic areas and industry segments, carry on the work of ARVC by serving as chairpersons and/or members of committees. ARVC committees include: Governance, Membership and Marketing, Operations, and Public Affairs. Only committee members appointed by the Chairman may vote on matters before the Committee.

ARVC committees work to:

  • Establish goals, objectives and priorities for programs under the committee’s jurisdiction.
  • Recommend necessary policies to assure proper implementation of the functions under the committee’s purview and allocate resources to assure that the functions are properly funded.
  • Evaluate results, outcomes and delivery of the programs with the committee’s jurisdiction.

Governance Committee

  • Ensures adherence to all current Policies and Bylaws and reviewing all proposed additions, amendments and elections.
  • Assists in nominations and elections of Board and Officers and monitors the appointment, procedures and compliance for other groups and councils.
  • Provides notification to the Chairman of any failure on the part of such groups or councils to follow prevailing Bylaws.

Committee Chair
Michael Hobby, CPO, OHC
Moon Landing RV Park & Marina
Email Michael
P: 864-998-4292

Vice Chair
Patty Claney, OHC
Big Creek RV Park
Email Patty
P: 573-598-1064

Charles Amian, OHC
Pismo Beach Village RV Resort
Email Charles
P: 805-773-1814

Robert Rolle, OHC
Rolle’s Lynda Vista RV Park
Email Robert
P: 888-847-9009

Eileen Vaughan, OHM
Mountain Vista Campground
Email Eileen
P: 570-223-0111

Staff Liaison
Paula Horwitz
Sr. Director of Education and Events
Email Paula
P: 303-681-0401 x 120

Public Affairs Committee

  • Recommends necessary and appropriate actions to be taken by ARVC to assure that the interests of the Membership at large, and those of the RV park and campground industry, are properly represented and protected
  • Provides oversight of activities and outcomes from various federal, state and local legislative, regulatory and executive agency activities
  • Develops and maintains appropriate standards and codes the affect the construction, development and operations of RV parks and campgrounds.

Committee Chair
David L. Berg
Red Apple Campground
Email David
P: 207-967-4927

Vice Chair
Ann Emerson
Good Sam Enterprises
Email Ann
P: 805-667-4100

Steven Cross, CPO, OHC
Cross Creek Camping Resort
Email Steven
P: 740-549-2267

Mari Garland, OHM
Junction West RV Park
Email Mari
P: 970-245-8531

Thomas Sparrow, OHC
Auburn RV Park at Leisure Time Campground
Email Thomas
P: 334-821-2267

Staff Liaison
Jeff Sims
Sr. Director of State Relations and Program Advocacy
Email Jeff
P: 303-681-0401 x 110

Membership and Marketing Committee

  • Membership recruitment and services programs and statistical data analysis and reporting
  • The conduct of the national conference and expo and any other meetings provided for the benefit for the Membership at large and conducted by the association.
  • Implementation of an awards program, recognizing excellence in service and/or operations for state associations and the Membership at large.

Committee Chair
Bert Davis, OHC
Dells Camping Resort
Email Bert
P: 608-695-9775

Vice Chair
Judy LaPorta, CPO, OHC
Little Oaks Campground
Email Patty
P: 609-624-1682

Joe Moore, CPO, OHC
Moore's Campground Consulting
Email Jow
P: 817-999-4108

Bobby Cornwell
Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds
Email Bobby
P: 850-562-7151

Staff Liaison
David Basler
Sr. Director of Membership and Marketing
Email David
P: 303-681-0401 x 111

Operations Committee

  • Policies relating to the review and evaluation of campground best practices that can be of benefit to members in each ARVC Voting Area or the general membership.
  • Initially aid in the creation and development of Area Networking Groups.
  • Work closely with Area Representatives to facilitate the exchange of communications with ARVC members
  • Oversee those best practices that may be shared with other members

Committee Chair
Peter Brown, OHC
Lone Oak Campsites
Email Peter
P: 860-824-7051

Vice Chair
Todd Southwick, OHC
Kokatosi Campground
Email Todd
P: 207-627-4642

Mike Beckelhymer
Highway West Vacations
Email Mike
P: 949-235-2667

Tim Deputy, CPO, OHM
Myrtle Beach Travel Park
Email Tim
P: 800-255-3568

Staff Liaison
Paul Bambei
President and CEO
Email Paul
P: 303-681-0401 x 123