Get The Beatles with National ARVC Music License

What's Better Than One Beatle?

What's better than one Beatle? All the Beatles. And the only way to get them all is with the full National ARVC Music License Program.

It's almost music license time again! And we've added a new PRO to the mix so you've got access to The Beatles & beyond. 

Global Music Rights is new on the scene, and their catalog rounds out full coverage for National ARVC members.

It goes like this:

With ASCAP/BMI you get George Harrison and classic hits like Got My Mind Set On You.

With SESAC you get Paul McCartney & some Ringo Starr with chart-toppers like A Hard Day's Night.

With GMR you get John Lennon and Well Well Well don't we know that's full of hits you can only Imagine. 

And with the full music license program of all four licenses, you get The Beatles. Some of their hits? Here Comes the Sun, Come Together, Hey Jude, and the list goes on.

But The Beatles are just the beginning. When it comes to music licensing, each PRO represents a different group of songwriters, composers, and publishers, so being licensed by all four PROs allows your business to be fully protected for all your and your guests' musical tastes.

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Open enrollment & renewals for the 2023 music licensing will open in early August.  National ARVC Music Licenses are only available for National ARVC members, so become a member or contact ARVC at 303-681-0401 now to get all the information on being fully covered. 

Get The Beatles with National ARVC Music License